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A burn injury is undoubtedly a traumatic experience when your work life is affected. You may require a competent burn injury lawyer in Atlanta to navigate through the legal complexities. 

This article focuses on everything you need to know about an Atlanta burn injury attorney and how they can help. We will also dive into the factors you must consider when hiring an attorney to protect your rights. 

First, let’s look at some of the facts and figures, the type of burn injuries, and the compensation that you can get for them.

Burn Injury Facts and Figures

Burn injuries are a significant public health concern in Atlanta, with hundreds of cases occurring annually. Most of these result from workplace accidents, like construction accidents , car crashes, and residential fires.

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According to the American Burn Association, throughout nine years:

  • Flames caused half of the burns.
  • 34% of burns were caused by hot boiling liquid.
  • chemicals caused 3% of burns.
  • Electricity mishaps caused 4% of burns. 

The Grady Memorial Hospital Burn Centre in Atlanta receives a concerning amount of burn victims every year, most of which require urgent medical attention. This highlights the need for legal representation by an experienced Atlanta burn injury attorney. 

You are entitled to the compensation you deserve if you have suffered a burn injury at work. 

Burn Injury Lawsuits

A burn injury lawsuit in Atlanta is a legal action initiated by an individual who has suffered burn injuries at work due to the negligence of another person, company, or entity.

Filing a lawsuit is to claim emotional, physical, and financial damages caused by the parties responsible. Burn injury lawsuits typically require an expert Atlanta burn injury attorney to gather evidence, investigate the incident, and establish a strong case.

These lawsuits may also involve negotiations with insurance companies and other involved parties to reach a fair worker comp settlement. If an agreement is not reached, the case may proceed to trial, and the court will decide its outcome.

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What are Burn Injuries?

The injuries that damage the skin and, in some cases, deeper tissues are termed burn injuries. They are caused by exposure to heat, chemicals, toxic gases, electricity, and radiation.

The severity of injury varies depending on different factors such as:

  • Source of the burn
  • The duration of exposure
  • Level of tissue damage

Causes of Burn Injuries

Multiple factors can cause burn injuries. It can be hard to determine the factor at times, but with the help of an Atlanta burn injury attorney, you can conveniently file a lawsuit and get your case investigated. 

These injuries can occur anywhere without any prior warning. Some of the common causes include:

Workplace accidents

These involve electrical burns or exposure to toxic gases, radiation, chemicals, and heat. 

Automobile accidents

These accidents involve a fuel tank burst and other causes, such as drivers getting injured from battery acid. 

Defective Products

This is one of the most common causes of burn injuries. An individual can get injured due to catching fire because of defective electronics or other such items.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are of different types and are classified mainly by the cause of burns.

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns are caused by hot objects that burn the skin, including high heat and flames.

Scald Burns

Scald burns are caused when a hot liquid accidentally pours on the skin. 

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are caused when an electrical current passes through the body. It usually shows no external injuries but may cause severe internal damage.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns occur when an individual comes in contact with a corrosive substance. The severity of it usually depends on the type and concentration of the chemical. 

Inhalation Burns

When an individual at work inhales harmful gases or toxic fumes, it causes inhalation burns. It affects the respiratory tract and is usually life-threatening, requiring urgent medical attention.

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Severity of Burn Injuries

The severity of your burn injuries decides the treatment you need, the complications you must deal with, and the kind of compensation you can get.

First-Degree Burns

These burns only damage the skin’s outer layer, the epidermis. They can cause redness, pain, and swelling.

Second-Degree Burns

These burns harm both layers of the skin, the outer epidermis and the underlying dermis. They can cause blisters.

Third-Degree Burns

These burn cause damage to the tissues beneath the skin, including nerves, fats, muscles, and bones. These burns can even lead to amputation. 

Types of Fires at Work That Can Cause Burn Injuries

Different types of fires can cause burn injuries to employees. If you are someone who has suffered because of it, you may need an Atlanta burn injury attorney to represent you legally. 

Some familiar sources of fires at work include:

Electrical Fires

Faulty electronics, overloaded circuits, and damaged wires usually cause sparks that lead to burns in case of contact.

Chemical Fires

When corrosive substances and harmful chemicals are mishandled, they can ignite, and direct flame exposure can cause burn injuries. 

Industrial Fires

Industrial fires usually occur due to mechanical failures, overheating, or friction. They pose a burn threat to individuals working in that area.

Appliance Fires

When electrical appliances such as heaters, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, and other heavy appliances at the workplace are misused, they malfunction and result in burn injuries. 

Welding and Cutting Fires

Workers who deal with welding and cutting operations may end up experiencing burns due to excessive heat and sparks when safety measures are not taken. 

Workers' Compensation for Your Burn Injuries

It is difficult to predict how much a burn injury settlement would be. The settlement usually depends upon the pain, suffering, and scarring the burn injury has caused.

You may suffer emotional and physical trauma, and your treatment may need multiple operations and rehabilitation therapy. Apart from this, the source of your burns may also affect the compensation that you will get.

Following are the crucial elements that affect the damages you will get:

  • How much your body is affected
  • Cost of your burn treatment.
  • The intention of the employer who has led to your burns.
  • The extent of the fault of the other party involved.

According to Georgia law, you can claim damages and get compensated if your burn injury attorney can prove you were injured due to the employer’s negligence. Here’s what you can get:

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  • Medical cost to cover your burns’ treatment.
  • Any other cost that relates to your burn injuries.
  • Wages that you have lost due to your burn injuries.
  • Wages that you may lose later because of your ongoing treatment.
  • Punitive damages if gross negligence of the other party is proved and if they are proven to commit criminal conduct that caused your injuries.

How can an Atlanta Lawyer Help You With a Burn Injury Claim?

A competent Atlanta burn injury attorney can handle your burn injury claims and get you the workers’ compensation you deserve. An Atlanta lawyer can help you with the following:

  • Legal Expertise
  • Case Evaluation
  • Establishing a Strong Case
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies
  • Handling Paperwork
  • Managing Deadlines
  • Advocacy in court

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Atlanta Burn Injury Attorney

Before hiring a lawyer for your burn injury case, you must consider some factors to ensure your case is handled appropriately. Some things you should consider include:

  • Look for a lawyer with suitable expertise and experience.
  • Check their track record and contact their previous clients to know their competence.
  • Do not forget to check reviews on the website to ensure they have a good reputation.
  • Make sure the law firm you choose has the resources to deal with your case.
  • Choose a lawyer with good communication skills who can empathetically handle your case.
  • Make sure to clarify the fee structure before hiring them.


If you or your loved one has suffered burn injuries at work, securing the workers’ compensation you deserve is necessary. This can be attained only through a competent Atlanta burn injury attorney who can help you navigate the legal process. 

Burn injuries are of different types, and each case is different. Contact us for a free consultation to assess your case, and let us help you reach a fair settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to American Burn Association, a burn accident survivor with 40-60% of their body affected will have to stay in the hospital for an average of 54 days, costing around $700,000. If burns are more severe, they can even cost $1.6 million on average.

Third-degree burns are the most critical. They can affect tissues under the skin, including nerves, fats, muscles, bones, and tendons.

The cost can vary. However, moderate burns cost approximately $200,000, severe burn costs may even lead to seven figures, and a burn with complications can even cost $10 million to treat.

Burn injuries can be traumatic depending on their severity and how much they affect your life.

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