How Does Federal Workers' Compensation Work in Atlanta?

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Federal workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that covers employees who are injured on the job or suffer from an illness that is related to their work. It was created to provide temporary financial relief. It provides benefits for these people and also provides medical expenses, death benefits, and rehabilitation services.

When was Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) introduced?

In order to ensure that federal employees were safeguarded against illnesses or injuries brought on by their profession, the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act was passed in 1916. The Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) of the Department of Labor is in charge of overseeing the federal workers’ compensation programs.

Your medical care, drugs, any required equipment, and even travel to and from clinical appointments should be covered by FECA and the OWCP. 

You have the freedom to select your own physician and schedule an appointment with anybody you wish, not just one that was recommended by your employer. If you find that you ultimately need to switch careers, OWCP also offers skills training under FECA.

How Does Federal Workers' Compensation Work in Atlanta?

Federal workers’ compensation is not governed by state legislation. It applies everywhere in the United States. The OWCP is the entity in charge of managing workers’ compensation for employees working for the federal government. 

It’s essential that you know the workings of federal workers’ compensation if you’ve been injured in Atlanta. The FECA act, which covers medical costs and all lost pay as a result of a work-related illness or injury, applies to all civil employees and officers of the federal government.

For claims to be approved, they must be presented in accordance with guidelines and deadlines, which can be challenging for people who are not familiar with the procedure.

Who Helps You During the Workers’ Compensation Process?

It can be difficult to get a claim accepted since there are rules to follow, deadlines to meet, several papers to complete, and a requirement for medical evidence linking the patient’s illness or injury to their employment. 

In fact, the approval rate for OWCP claims is only 3% because it may be so difficult and complicated to file one on your own. One could argue that contesting a denied claim is more difficult than filing it correctly in the first place.

After a work-related illness or injury, you can turn to an Atlanta workers comp attorney for your process. The compassionate staff will also guide you through the whole claims process. No upfront payment, no fee, nothing. When you need it most, real assistance.

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Federal Workers' Compensation Benefits

Benefits under workers’ compensation are available to employees who sustain injuries at work. Four sorts of workers’ compensation benefits may be due to you if you suffer injuries at work: medical care, salary benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits if a family member passed away as a result of their injuries.

Medical Benefits

All required treatments for your employment injury or impairment are covered by your medical insurance. In general, these claims are not constrained by a set monetary limit, and your workers’ compensation should pay for all copays and deductibles as well.

Medical insurance may pay for prescription drugs, hospital stays, nursing care, medical supplies like wheelchairs or walkers, as well as other types of therapy. You should consider any potential future or long-term care needs, such as physical therapy when deciding how much medical coverage to obtain. 

Salary Benefits

A portion of your wages may be covered by benefits. These are referred to as disability benefits, and they may be granted if your injuries have disabled you temporarily or permanently unable to work. The extent of your injuries, how they will influence your ability to return to work, and the workers’ compensation rules in your state will determine what you receive and for how long.


The goal of vocational rehabilitation is to assist those who have been hurt or disabled in returning to the workforce. Vocational rehabilitation may involve work training, career counseling, and support in finding new employment, according to the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC). You can add vocational rehabilitation payments to your workers’ compensation claim if your injuries prevent you from returning to your prior job.

Death Benefits

Workers’ compensation offers death payments if your family member passed away due to injuries sustained at work. The spouse, kids, or any dependents of the employee are given these benefits. Workers compensation death benefits often involve payment for funeral and burial costs as well as an amount to make up for the worker’s family’s loss.

Awards for pain and suffering are not included in the four categories of workers’ compensation payouts. You must bring a civil case to recover these damages from a third party. 

You cannot sue your employer, but if their negligence resulted in your injuries, you might be allowed to do so against a property owner, an equipment manufacturer, or another contractor.

How Atlanta Lawyers Can Help You To Get Federal Workers Compensation?

If your workers’ compensation claims are rejected, you can hire a lawyer to defend you in the appeal process, they can negotiate on your behalf with the insurer. Your attorney might be able to assist you in suing the insurance company if a settlement cannot be reached. 

An attorney will keep you informed at each stage of the claims procedure. The process of filing paperwork, obtaining proof, and negotiating can be quite time-consuming. Particularly if you are healing from significant injuries, this can be a tremendous stress. Working with a lawyer can lessen your stress level and could improve the outcome of your case.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It should not take more than five days.

Nothing in the law governing workers’ compensation or in an insurance contract prevents a recipient from taking vacation time while also collecting benefits under the latter.

There’s a Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, a state government office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sole proprietors and partners are automatically exempt from workers’ compensation insurance in Atlanta.

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