Degloving Injuries Claim and Settlements in Atlanta, Georgia

Degloving injuries are usually rare, but they can be critical and result in irreversible changes in a person’s life. They often occur as the result of forceful detachment of the outer skin and internal tissue layers, which typically results in long-lasting injuries. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, occupational injuries can be caused by various factors, from machinery malfunctions to accidental falls. To effectively manage degloving injury claims and settlements in Atlanta, it is important to understand the reasons for degloving injuries, the healing process, and the available support.

Types of Degloving Injury

First, let’s look at what are the types of degloving injuries and how they are caused.

Open Degloving Injuries

In the case of open deglovings, the skin is peeled off resulting in the exposure of muscle tissues, tendons, and bones. They usually appear due to high-speed accidents as a result of the use of unprotected machinery or unexpected fall.

Closed Degloving Injuries

Closed degloving injuries are injuries that are caused by a partial detachment of the skin from the tissues tissues remain intact, but the skin is separated from deeper structures. They are not as severe as open degloving injuries, but still need an emergency response to prevent complications and for quick recovery.

Avulsion Injuries

Avulsion injuries are traumatic events characterized by the tearing of the skin with the underlying structures away from the body. The consequences are sometimes severe and can involve several layers of tissue destruction as well as significant hemorrhage. 

Flap Injuries

Flap injuries consist of a partial detachment of the skin and, thus a flap-like flap that still retains a partial connection to the body. Ambiguously, these traumas are often the result of some workplace accidents and need to be surgically connected and repaired from any tissue flap.

Crushing Degloving Injuries

Crushing degloving injuries arise when a bodily part is being pressed against heavy objects or machines and this leads to compression and shearing forces that separate the skin from the tissues underneath. These injuries that usually go along with the tissues damage are severe and they require the attention of medics to avoid further problems.

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Causes of Degloving Injuries at Workplace

Now, let’s see which incidents at workplace lead to degloving injuries.

1. Machinery Accidents

Degloving injuries are common injuries caused by the careless use of heavy machinery. Workers could be trapped in a revolving section or pinch point of machinery if they accidentally find their clothing, hair, or body part caught in a moving part and cut off.

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2. Falls

An employee can easily end up with degloving injuries from falls, particularly from those working in the construction, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. In such cases of construction accidents, workers who somehow lost their part of the outer layer of skin may suffer from degloving injury when the skin may be torn and detached from the body during a case of a slip and fall, or if there is a sharp object or machine involved.

3. Crush Injuries

Operators get prone to the degloving injuries when they are pinned between machines, heavy objects or in a similar situation. The great amount of force, that is exerted on the body during such situations, can cause the skin to be forcefully cut apart from the underlying tissues.

4. Caught-in/Between Accidents

Degloving is a crushing injury in which the person’s arm or extremities are trapped between moving machine elements or components. The moving parts of the machine like conveyor belts or cutting devices may induce shearing forces that can mean injury of the skin getting ripped from the surrounding body.

5. Handling Sharp Objects

When their skin contacts the sharp tools or materials that employees are working with, they may suffer degloving injuries which are disfiguring and potentially dangerous. Inappropriate management and/or the breach of safety regulations are the key factors in raising the chances for these mishaps to occur.

6. Workplace Violence

In case of degloving injury, rare cases are also from workplace violence like physical assault or disagreements among employees. Indiscriminate acts of violence can be responsible for very deep and traumatic injuries entailed with full separation of skin from its underlying soft tissue.

Recovery Timeline for Degloving Injury

The timeline for degloving injuries to heal fully varies, and is specified based on the severity of the injury, how much tissue is damaged, and the factors that affect the speed of healing. However, it typically involves:

Immediate Medical Attention

Emergency care intended to stabilize the patient and ensure other problems do not result.

Surgical Intervention

Skin grafting or tissue-repairing operations could be needed to reconnect the skin. 


Physiotherapy, as well as occupational therapy to restore normal movement, muscle strength and function.

Long-Term Follow-Up

Continuous health care to monitor the progress of self-healing, manage the problematic effects, and the treatment of any possible psychological effects.

Worker Comp Benefits for Degloving Injured Workers

Workers who sustain degloving injuries in the workplace are entitled to construction accident worker compensation benefits, which may include:

Medical Coverage

The treatment costs such as necessary hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation and medications shall be covered entirely.

Lost Wages

Allowance in the case of the lost income during the recovery period includes providing temporary or permanent disability benefits when necessary.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Help with re-education or collaboration with career services offices for finding access to alternative employment if injury makes the previous job impossible to return to.

Disability Benefits

Permanent impairment or disability compensation, as a result of the injury.

How Atlanta Lawyers Can Help?

Experienced Atlanta worker comp lawyers  specializing in workers’ compensation can provide invaluable assistance to degloving injured workers by:

Ensuring Fair Compensation

Skilled attorneys offer recommendations to get a compensation that would cover medical bills, lose incomes and long-term care costs.

Navigating Legal Processes

Explaining the application process for workers’ compensation benefits, as well as running through the paperwork, deadlines, and negotiations with employers.

Representing Clients

Handling clients’ appeals and interventions in the workers’ or insurers’ disputes to protect their rights and interests.

Providing Support

Having an extra layer of compassion and legal advice to support the client during the recovery process.


The increasing frequency of degloving accidents in the workplace often leads to severe injuries, which in turn have significant emotional, physical, and financial consequences for the workers. Learning about these injuries, the recovery process and the services that are available including worker compensation benefits, legal assistance and so on, are vital to the effective handling of these injuries and to ensure that injured workers are well taken care of and get the compensation they deserve. 

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