Atlanta Crane Accident and Workers Compensation 

In the busiest Atlanta, Georgia, crane projects are part of the urban skyline but come with risks. Atlanta crane accidents can result in horrific injuries, which can be imminent for workers caught up in them.

Knowing the leading causes, the data, and the legal framework is the first step in ensuring that people do not lose their fair compensation due to such accidents.

Causes of Crane Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, Georgia, several factors contribute to crane accidents on construction sites:

1. Equipment Failure

A crane that is dysfunctional or whose parts are defective, for instance, cables, hoists, or rigging, can cause a horrendous accident.

2. Operator Error

Insufficient training, lack of attention, loss of strength, or employing incorrect techniques by crane operators result in a perception of safety issues.

3. Adverse Weather Conditions

High-pressure gusts of wind, torrential rain, or flash floods caused by lightning storms can convey the aggravated risk of crane toppling and, hence, of accidents.

Crane Accident and Workers Compensation 2

4. Inadequate Maintenance

Poor safety standards and the use of equipment that is not regularly checked and repaired will lead to failures and accidents.

5. Improper Assembly or Installation

Even during the simple procedure of crane building and installation, there are some risks like poor certification for driving or the light of the mounts, which would lead to structural failures or collapses.

6. Overloading

Tipping or damage to the structure due to loading the crane’s load beyond the rated load results from inappropriate calculations or loading techniques employed.

7. Communication Failures

The inability to communicate correctly between the crane operators, the spotters, and those workers on the site could be attributed to misunderstandings, which can get out of hand and lead to accidents.

Adopting these factors, coupled with rigorous conformity to safety protocols, well-thought-out training programs, periodic equipment assessment, and prompt communication, can significantly help prevent crane accidents in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Crane Accident Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the USA reports statistical data about crane-related accidents, which result in deadly deaths or severe injuries. A crane-related death happens because of the crane, the environment around the crane, or the action of the operator blowing off the crane.

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Within a year (2019), BLS recoiled the number of private sector employees in the construction industry to 7.5 million.

Also, in 2021, based on the data provided by BLS, private construction industries counted 200,100 non-fatal injuries and illnesses and 1,102 fatal injuries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42 deaths per year happened on average between 2011 and 2017, all involving crane operations.

It is hard to imagine the physical and emotional impact of having one death every day for ten years. From 1996 to 2006, there were 818 crane-related deaths.

Over half of the death cases of crane operations in which a falling object or equipment has hit a worker are related to the crane.

Worker Compensation Benefits for Crane-Related Accidents in Atlanta

Workers injured in crane accidents in Atlanta, Georgia, are entitled to various benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation system.

1. Medical Expenses

A worker who has an accident with the crane will have all medical treatment covered by workers’ compensation irrespective of the expense this medical treatment will be, exploiting the visits to the hospital, necessary surgeries, rehabilitation, further without-a-hitch medications, and nonstop medical treatment.

2. Lost Wages

If the injured employee cannot get the job back for some time, he must be covered by wage compensation during this time as well. Usually, this wage includes a couple of percentages of each payday’s average weekly wage in case the economic loss is resolved in the first place.

3. Temporary Disability Benefits

In a short-term disability, where the employee is not able to do the job correctly due to a temporary injury, they will be granted temporary disability benefits till they are healthy and return to work. Such benefits, among others, are aimed at leveling out for the pay lost with the recuperation period.

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4. Permanent Disability Benefits

If a worker were to sustain injuries while operating the crane in a way that results in permanent impairment, the worker would be eligible for permanent disability benefits. The funds available are determined by the degree of disability and the influence that this disability has on the worker’s earnings.

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5. Vocational Rehabilitation

In the case of workers with permanent disabilities, they are likely to undergo vocational redevelopment to transition back to work or to find alternative jobs. These can involve different programs such as vocational training, etc.

6. Death Benefits

In cases of severe work-related crane accidents and an employee’s death, the relatives can claim death benefits. The advantages, which often include reimbursement of funeral expenses and financial support for widows/ widowers and minor children, are always highlighted during the convention.

Injured employees may find the process too complicated with the generic Atlanta workers’ compensation law. This is why seeking legal advice from an experienced atlanta workers compensation lawyer may ensure that deserving workers receive total compensation as the law provides.

What to Do If You’re Injured as an Independent or Subcontractor

Worker of an independent company or a subcontractor should immediately notify their immediate employer or main contractor in command of the project if they are injured on the job site from Atlanta crane accidents. The most essential job is documenting the situation and getting help from the doctor immediately. Talking with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will also guide the individual through the complexity of filing the required papers.

Can I Claim Against Third Parties in Crane Accidents at Work Sites?

Sometimes, the fault can lie with third parties, such as crane manufacturers, occupied sites, or equipment distributors, which can cause crane-related incidents. 

In an occupational accident, an injured employee may also be entitled to sue the responsible party for a liability claim, which can offer more financial assistance for treatment costs, income loss, discomfort, and pain.

How can an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer Help?

Atlanta’s workers’ comp lawyers ensure you get fair treatment after encountering a crane accident in Atlanta, Georgia. Hiring an experienced attorney is crucial for your case as they help you get the compensation you deserve but also help you navigate the complete legal process. 

They can help you gather evidence, document the scene, record witness statements, convince doctors to write medical reports, negotiate with insurance company adjusters, and represent you in court if needed. If your claim is denied, you can file an appeal with the help of a skilled construction site accident lawyer.


Atlanta crane accidents require immediate attention from the employer, but the employees must also be careful and attentive. Immediately notifying their company and hiring a lawyer is essential, as an experienced lawyer will aid in navigating the legal process.

The victim must know their rights to get the compensation they deserve. In case of the death of an employee, their loved ones will get the benefits. But, to ensure one gets a fair amount, the help of a lawyer is essential.

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