Can You Get Workers’ Compensation If Hurt While Drunk at Work?

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Accidents that happen due to drinking while at work are a stark reminder to everyone of how a single reckless decision can forever change the trajectories of life.

The repercussions can be traumatic, and victims for a long time remain in a tangled fabric of misery even after the accident is over.

Physical wounds, emotional turmoils, and financial ruin after drinking at work accidents trigger the raging storm. Making a way through such a mess seems impossible.

Fortunately, you have the power to contact an Atlanta worker comp lawyer who knows how to deal with drinking-at-work cases and will act as a reliable compass, giving you a clear direction toward what is right.

According to Atlanta legislation, being under the influence is considered an act of gross negligence, which can lead to compensation of damages to property, personal injuries, trauma, and also punitive damages if such a necessity arises.

If you or your family member has suffered injuries while drinking at work, you can always reach out to an Atlanta worker comp lawyer and get legal counsel.

What is "willful misconduct" in the workplace, and how does it influence a worker comp claim?

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Willful misconduct provides a scenario where the employee purposefully ignores the law or rules of ethical conduct. This definition, however, can go beyond the content of the employee handbook and the employer code of conduct.


Employers in many industries consider it to be a normal assumption that workers will not be drunk at work or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours , this provision requires employers to make note of the possibility that being intoxicated can hinder the prevention of drinking at work- accidents.


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Can an employee refuse the drug or alcohol test?

Getting heavily injured at work because of drinking is scary, and it may happen that you might not be thinking clearly.

Employees might get offended about having to take drug or alcohol tests. However, according to work law in Atlanta, Georgia, an employer or injured employee can make such a request.

If one is not complying with the drug test, it’s an indicator that they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident and were drinking at work and trying to cover up positive results.


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What if an employee fails an alcohol test?

A positive drug test indicates the crime committed by the employee or employer and the violation of drinking at work -regulations. Your application for worker’s compensation will be denied if it has positive results. 

However, you have a chance to appeal to get worker’s compensation for a drinking at-work accident.

  • Other Situations Affecting Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

The fact that drug testing is the only requirement for determining who must receive worker’s compensation depicts the complicated decision-making process in this situation.

You need to report drinking at work injury as soon as it happens. You’ll need medical examination documents for the claim.

Your claim can be denied because of prior injury or if no witness speaks on your behalf. Comprehending denial reasons is a good starting point for claiming your case.


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Things to do after an accident while drinking at work in Atlanta

Drinking at work can be traumatic. It can not only cause severe injuries but can also cause major damage to your property. In a normal drinking-at-work accident, you might reach out to an

Atlanta worker comp lawyer for help, but you will need an attorney who is specialised and can guide you better in this situation. Here’s what you can do:

  • Call the Police immediately

Whether you suffered a major or minor accident, don’t think twice about dialling 911. This police report later will be handy while pursuing a drinking at work incident case. Police will arrive and look at the sites of accidents. They will contact the witness and note conditions related to the accident.

Your worker comp lawyers will rely on this preliminary report to establish liability. Furthermore, the cops will ensure you get to the hospital and get a medical examination.

  • Get a Health examination no matter what

Get a health examination even if you think nothing is wrong with you. Doctors will conduct necessary tests and determine the injuries you sustained. Otherwise, your lawyer will have no other physical evidence to show your injuries. Make your victim lawyer’s job easier by getting a medical examination as soon as possible after the accident.

  • Inform the Insurance company about the accident.

 You must call to report the accident as soon as you get home from the hospital. They will want you to provide them with a statement. 

Instead, it would be better if they spoke with your lawyer. The insurance agents might misrepresent small details to deny your claim.

If you are worried about the intricacy of a drinking at work case, get help from Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyers.


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What Counts as Drunk at Work in Atlanta?

The legal BAC blood count content limit is 0.02% in Atlanta. On the other hand, BAC levels differ according to weight, gender, the strength of a drink, and the time of drinking during the day.

Thus, all drivers must be aware of their BAC limit.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages before working is prohibited for anyone who is under the legal drinking age. Atlanta prohibits alcohol consumption under the age of 21 before.

If someone is over the legal age limit, he is under the influence.

Can I Sue another Employer or Employee in case of prescribed Medication?

In Atlanta, while working, taking legally prescribed drugs can result in a violation of the law. According to Atlanta legislation, warning labels should be mentioned on the medication for potential impairment.

Immediately inform the responding police officer if you don’t smell alcohol or drugs but you think the employee or the employer is still acting strangely.

How can an Atlanta worker comp attorney help you?

Atlanta worker comp lawyers will support you in winning your injury drunk at work lawsuit. You can rely on them for the highest settlement. They will:

  • They helped with correspondence with insurance companies and other parties related to DUI incidents.
  • Defend your interests in or outside court.
  • Assist by securing evidence and proof of the drinking at work incident and construct a convincing case on your behalf.
  • Get in contact with witnesses and obtain testimonies to prove your allegations.
  • Make sure your loss is calculated accurately and ensure everything is noticed.

You can hire a worker comp lawyer without any worry. They don’t require advance payment to pursue your drunk-at-work accident case.

They provide free initial consultation. Moreover, they will never leak your personal information to anyone.


In Atlanta, working under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is considered a serious offence and can result in criminal charges and civil liability. 

If you or your family are a victim of a drinking-at-work accident, you can hire a drunk-at-work victim lawyer and get the entitled compensation for damages. 

The experienced worker comp lawyers will tackle complex legal procedures to get the highest settlement for your damages.

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