What is the average payout in a wrongful death suit in Atlanta, Georgia?

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In life, one of the hardest and most common things we go through is the sadness of losing someone we love. It is even harder when their death is because of an incident that could be avoided. This grief hurts deeply and managing the mix of sadness and anger can be hard. 

Filling a wrongful death claim is like trying to make things a little better. This is not going to bring back the one you loved but it can be a source to make things a little better.  Think of it as a way to seek justice, as it is not about money but it’s about acknowledging that what happened was not okay. 

If you are grappling with a traumatic experience and considering a wrongful death suit and do not know whether you will get this or not then start by researching online on what is the average payout in a wrongful death suit. However, due to the unique nature of each case, it is crucial to consult with an experienced Atlanta wrongful death attorney for personalized advice.

This article on what is the average payout in a wrongful death suit aims to provide a detailed overview of the average settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit.

How Much Is the Average Wrongful Death Settlement

When you are looking up the average wrongful death settlement in Georgia online, you might come across various answers, and here is why it is tricky to pin down an actual average.

Many online estimates do not consider confidential settlements, which means they are leaving out some crucial information. This makes any average you find a bit misleading. 

Also, these averages cannot really capture the differences between cases. Therefore, in simple terms, any average you see is more of an educated guess than a definite standard because of these complexities in the legal landscape.

Typical Wrongful Death Settlement Amounts

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Typical wrongful death settlement amounts may vary from case to case and figuring it out that how much you will get is very tricky. Usually, it can be anywhere from $500,000 to over $1,000,000, but there is no set average.

Some cases are settled for a lot of money, like millions, while others get less, maybe under a million.

When people ask about the average payout in a wrongful death case, the truth is there is not a clear answer because each situation is so different.

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Calculate Losses or Potential Losses In Wrongful Death

Three primary factors go into calculating wrongful death damages. Each is a necessary component of the money you might be entitled to.

Financial Losses

The term “Financial Losses” describes the monetary losses you have experienced, such as:

  • The anticipated lifetime income of the deceased
  • Products and services offered by the deceased
  • Medical costs
  • Burial costs
  • Benefits that the deceased would have been entitled to (pension, health insurance, etc.)

These damages can be given a precise monetary value, which makes it easier to prove them in many situations.

Emotional Losses

These are referred to as your non-financial losses. These could consist of:

  • Grief, emotional distress, and mental agony
  • Losing counsel, attention, and assistance
  • Absence of consortium
  • Anguish and suffering


Punitive Damages 

These could also be acceptable in certain circumstances. These are used to punish defendants for especially heinous offences, like willful or extremely irresponsible actions.

Read thoroughly about what is the average payout in a wrongful death suit to get an overview of the calculation for Wrongful Death.

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Wrongful Death- Ways to Analyse Intangible Losses

There are various approaches to use when determining the appropriate amount of compensation for intangible losses. Bringing in professionals who can discuss the emotional impact, such as therapists, is one approach. 

Documents such as therapy notes or anecdotes that describe the emotional suffering can also be displayed. It is also important to think about how the loss may impact the family’s general quality of life and who will get the compensation money in a wrongful death lawsuit. You can also discuss “loss of consortium,” which is the loss of support and companionship.

Those who knew the deceased can also offer their insights to help comprehend the psychological effects.

Reasons Wrongful Death Settlement Calculators Are Often Inadequate

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Online calculators that promise to determine the appropriate amount for a wrongful death settlement frequently come up short. Why?

Since every case is different, these calculators are unable to comprehend the particulars of your particular circumstance. They find it difficult to quantify things like emotional suffering since financial gain is not the only factor. 

Furthermore, local laws may differ from national laws, and these calculators may not account for it.

It is possible that they will not consider long-term requirements or the many legal issues that could influence the total sum. 

They also frequently omit punitive damages, which are intended to penalize particularly egregious actions.

So, the best approach to determine what’s fair in your particular circumstance is to speak with a real person, such as a lawyer.

What Factors Can Impact Your Wrongful Death Settlement Amount?

Several factors can influence the amount of a wrongful death settlement. While age, income, education, and training are not typically direct factors, other elements related to the deceased person and their dependents may play a role. Here are some key factors:

  1. Economic Losses:
  • Deceased person’s expected lifetime earnings.
  • Potential inheritances and services provided.
  • Medical and funeral expenses.
  1. Dependents and Beneficiaries:
  • Number and financial dependency of surviving family members.
  • Loss of benefits like pensions and medical coverage.
  1. Non-Economic Losses:
  • Emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of companionship.
  • Challenges in quantifying but crucial in determining the settlement.
  1. Liability and Negligence:
  • Strength of evidence proving the defendant’s liability.
  • Level of negligence impacting settlement.
  1. Insurance Coverage:
  • Amount covered by the at-fault party’s insurance policies.
  • Higher coverage often leads to larger settlements.
  1. Punitive Damages:
  • Awarded for extreme recklessness or intentional misconduct.
  • Can significantly increase the overall settlement.
  1. Legal Representation:

Personal factors like age and education can have an indirect impact on economic losses and the overall financial burden on the remaining family, even though they have no direct influence.

Seeking legal counsel from a wrongful death attorney is crucial for a comprehensive evaluation and equitable settlement negotiation

Keep this factor affecting the wrongful compensation amount in mind while reading this article and understanding what is the average payout in a wrongful death suit so that you get the compensation you deserve.

Medical Expenses in Wrongful Death

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Medical costs are a significant component of the total damages awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit. This covers the price of any medical care, time spent in the hospital, and efforts made to heal from the disease or injury that ultimately resulted in the person’s death. 

It is imperative to provide comprehensive documentation of these costs, including medical bills and records, backed by expert testimony. 

The economic losses faced by the surviving family also take into account future medical bills and, in certain situations, funeral and burial fees.

Determining an appropriate settlement sum and resolving the financial effects of the wrongful death require seeking reimbursement for medical bills.

Household Services in Wrongful Death Settlements- Does Insurance Cover Wrongful Death?

In wrongful death settlements, household services can be a significant factor in determining compensation.

The services the person who passed away used to do around the house, like taking care of kids, maintaining the home, and other daily tasks, really matters when figuring out how much compensation is fair. 

We are talking about the real contributions they made to the family’s everyday life, and this gets considered in the money part of things.

Now, about insurance covering wrongful death — it depends.

If the person responsible for the accident or incident has liability insurance, it might cover the costs in a wrongful death case.

For instance, if it is a car accident, the driver’s auto insurance could help but here is a catch, not all insurance policies cover situations where someone intentionally caused harm or committed a crime leading to a death.

It is a bit complicated, so talking to a lawyer is important. They can help figure out what insurance might apply and guide you through the legal stuff to get the compensation you deserve for wrongful death.

What Affects the Ability to Pay?

In wrongful death proceedings, the term “ability to pay” refers to the amount of money that the responsible party has to give the beneficiaries or the victim’s family. This depends on a number of variables, including the financial resources—such as income, savings, and assets—of the accountable party. 

Stability in income and work is essential, and insurance coverage can lessen the load. Aside from existing debts, available money are also impacted by court rulings and financial commitments. 

Resources may be limited by legal restrictions or limitations, as well as by the responsible party’s financial management practices and the state of the economy. 

In wrongful death cases, considering these elements is crucial to determining if it will be feasible to achieve just compensation and to make sure the person at fault can fulfill their financial obligations.

If you have read till now and are looking at what is the average payout in a wrongful death suit, contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney or wrongful death case attorney.

What Are Funeral and Burial Expenses?

When someone passes away because of wrongful actions, the costs for their funeral and burial are considered part of the compensation. These expenses cover things like the funeral service, casket, and burial plot. 

To get this compensation, it is important to keep clear records of all these costs, like receipts and invoices. Sometimes, the money from the deceased person’s life insurance or burial insurance can help cover these expenses. 

After a settlement or when damages are awarded, the funds for funeral and burial costs are given to those who paid for them, often the family or the deceased person’s estate. Getting legal help is a good idea to make sure everything is handled properly in a wrongful death case.


This article helps understand the average payout in a wrongful death suit in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of someone else’s mistakes, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden alone. Reach out to the experts for help and make sure you get what you rightfully deserve.


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